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Welcome to RxClarity Group, your trusted partner for independent pharmacy consulting. Our commitment to transparency and expertise helps employers fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities, so you can have peace of mind knowing your pharmacy benefits are being managed efficiently.

RxClarity Vision
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We never rest; complexities created by PBMs require ongoing vigilance.

RxClarity Features

Fostering Healthier Communities with RxClarity Group



At RxClarity Group, we are an independent pharmacy benefit consultant, working tirelessly to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients. Our mission is to ensure our clients' needs are met, and we do so without being beholden to any particular pharmacy ecosystem. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing impartial, personalized support to help our clients achieve their goals.


Solutions Driven

We are laser-focused on delivering innovative solutions to the complex challenges of pharmacy plan management. Whether through our strategic procurement process, our skilled negotiations team or our robust clinical approach, we are dedicated to driving optimal outcomes for our clients. We leverage our proprietary data analytics tool to provide clients with continual unparalleled insights and deliver results-oriented cost and clinical optimization programs.



Transparency is key. We believe that our clients should have access to all the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their Pharmacy Benefit Management program. That’s why we’ve developed an analytics engine that provides clients with detailed data that they can use to make smart choices. Our goal is to help clients achieve the lowest net cost while maintaining an optimal level of care for their members.


Unmatched Performance

RxClarity Group is committed to improving the quality and efficiency of your pharmacy benefit management program. We strive to deliver measurable results through a comprehensive approach that includes detailed analysis, strategic planning, and effective implementation. Our goal is to provide the best outcomes for your business and your plan members, while reducing costs and maximizing your resources.

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