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Rodger Karl Photo

Rodger Karl, BS, BA, AS

Chief Architect, RxClarity Group, LLC

Rodger Karl is a senior healthcare data manager and scientist with over 25 years’ experience transforming health care information and data into action for influential organizations including CareCentrix, WebMD, UHG, Allianz Life, Amerigroup, BCBS. 

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Get To Know Me

Special Hobbies/Interests: 

When I'm not in front of my computer, I'm biking, backpacking, hiking, or camping. 


Favorite Artist: 

Broken Bells, Hans Zimmer    



Gold Coast, Oregon


Other Fun Facts: 

Completed the Ironman "Moo", Wisconsin

Extra Credit:

CMS/AI Challenge participant,  2019

Advanced Database Design and ORM, Carlson School of Management 

BS of Information Systems, BA of Business Administration, AS of Application Programming- Dakota State University

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