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Parmacy costs break budgets

Our Point of View 


Customers and Members Come First

We start and end with your strategic goals and performance of your pharmacy program, customizing and executing against an integrated plan with you that will be refreshed continuously with scheduled reviews.   


We proactively educate on what is happening in the marketplace.  We believe that many conflicts exist in the supply chain and we seek to eliminate unnecessary players that drive up costs and complexity for members.  We bring the best practices from our years of experience in vertically integrated and stand alone PBMs together with deep experience with highly visible, large health systems and plans. 

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Our Healthcare System is Clearly Broken

People seeking and receiving medication are confused and frustrated when they confront the many hoops they need to jump through to begin or continue on therapy.  Prior authorization, requirements to use specific pharmacies and many other barriers stand in the way of starting on their therapy sooner.   


There are many viable and streamlined options available that challenge traditional models; we will bring those to the table for consideration.  We believe that local health systems serve a vital role in care and that all people, regardless of the size of their employer or health plan, should receive the same level of care and service.  

Upward Curve

Pharmacy Costs are Unacceptable

The real cost of pharmaceuticals are unclear due to the multiple profit “bites of the apple” that are taken between a pharmaceutical manufacturers product and ultimate consumption by the member.   


While pass through contracts have been around for many years as a method to make visible any hidden sources of revenue of PBMs, more needs to be done for customers of all sizes.  We believe health system pharmacies, transparent PBMs, other pharmacy solution providers and pharmaceutical companies offer a more direct alternative for these customers and should be considered.  

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