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How We Work for You 

We Start and End with Your Priorities   

We will proactively educate on what is happening in the pharmaceutical marketplace.  We will bring the best practices from our years of experience in vertically integrated PBMs,  stand alone PBMs and large, highly visible customer management to the table so you always receive best in class service.


After establishing a baseline understanding of your current state, we map out your strategic goals and performance goals for your pharmacy program. We customize and execute against an integrated plan with you that will be refreshed continuously with scheduled reviews.  

Every day we seek out opportunities to eliminate waste and cost from your pharmacy benefit to drive affordability and quality for you and your members.  We will present novel solutions to address the dynamic landscape of continuously rising drug costs.   


We are Tenacious Champions for Your Members 

Members who seek and receive medication are confused and frustrated when they confront the many hoops they need to jump through to begin or continue on therapy.  Prior authorization, requirements to use specific pharmacies and many other barriers stand in the way of starting on their therapy sooner.  The member and prescriber get put in the middle to fix a problem of which they have limited awareness.  We will function as their personalized pharmacist and take action on their behalf when they request, and based on desired objectives they have set for us.  

There are many programs and unique solutions available for members to save money and improve care. We will identify those and bring those opportunities forward for action as warranted.  We believe that no member should be left behind.  

We Attack Costs by Eliminating Supply Chain Participants

The real cost of pharmaceuticals are unclear due to the multiple profit “bites of the apple” that are taken between a pharmaceutical manufacturers' product and ultimate consumption by the member. We will find more direct alternatives for medication procurement versus traditional models. 

As such, we eliminate unnecessary players that drive up costs and complexity for plan sponsors and their members. 

Our analytics engine and unbiased focus on saving money for plan sponsors and the members they cover colors every action we take.   

And unlike so many other consultants, our financial evaluations will always focus on finding the lowest net cost, unencumbered by spreadsheet games.  Clinical initiatives are critical to any evaluation and program, we hold vendors accountable for results.  

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